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The following original poetry is from a project I did with my wife to help her understand the value in her daily life experiences. Each day I would condense her experiences down to a few lines of poetry in the form of a blessing and focus on the love, beauty, and richness of the human experience. 


One Thousand Ways To Say I Love You. 


May today you consciously enjoy this day you created,

Take time to notice the small details and the richness of the experience,

Be sure to take advantage of the humor and the joy that you have intermingled in each experience,


May this day be a series of blessings that touch the very core of your life,

May you graciously accept each one before releasing it to the universe to bless again,

and may you find the place in your heart from wince they came.


May you bask in the fleeting warmth of summer on more day,

and enjoy the comfort, freedom and easiness it brought,

May you enjoy the comforts of your life one more day,

knowing that change is knocking at your door.


Like a morning hot tea steeping in a heavy mug,

wafting its gentle fragrance and warming your hands,

May today you approach your day with the same simple pleasure,

and enjoy the luxury of drinking it slowly and purposefully, savoring each drop,


As the cool autumn breeze invites the leaves to dawn their brilliant colors for a gusty dance with the north wind,

May today you choose your colors and wait your time as your dance is yet to come,


May today you be blessed with clarity amongst the sharp contrasts of the season,

May you see and know the essence of each encounter and each experience and not be bothered by the colorations of the emotions and minds,


Like the brilliant stars in a black night sky send their light to us over hundreds of years,

May today you be a start in your world and continuously send your light into far reaches of your world even if it takes years for it to get there, and know you may see no reflection back,


Witches, goblins, ogres too,


Soul's creates a spooky play to do,

May you know the whole day thru,

What is real and what is you,


May today you focus on the good in others,

and not their attitudes, issues and challenges.

May you use your energy to find things to like and can learn from,

rather than wasting it on things you dislike and can do little about,


May today you take advantage of the small elements of your life,

May you take advantage of every blink and use that instance of soothing darkness to rest,

opening your eyes again to a fresh new moment of the day,


Gentle blessings ride the winds of mind, like dandelion fuzz drifting the subtle currents,

Will you consciously embrace their gifts or ignore their presence with the busyness of the day?


May today you see the dream of life as it multi-dimensionally unfolds in each moment,

May you know that you are the dreamer, just as God is dreaming you,


May today you swim with the dolphins and sing with the whales,

May you frolic through the day as if all your work was play,


May today you acknowledge the kindness in your life,

Notice the small ways that others serve you both consciously and not,

And the way life cares for us and brings us what we need in each moment.


May today you find deep satisfaction, not in the events but in your beingness,

may you savor your lessons and experiences and curiously muse the possibilities for new creations,


Like the damp cold nipping your toes and tingling your nose,

awakening your senses and quickening your pace,

May today the harsh issues of life awaken you to the power of your inner resources,

May you snuggle into the warmth of your beingness and wrap your self in a cloak contentment,


Golden leaves go dancing as the let go of the tree,

May today you let go up unnecessary attachments

and be free to dance your own dance, ride the currents and brighten your world.


May the love of life be with you,

May it taint all that you do,

May you live consciously in each moment,

and may you enjoy just being you,


Like a feather in the wind, elusive happiness can be chased but not be caught,

May today you end the chase and stop the wind and find it waiting in your pathway,


Cold splattering raindrops fall while snowflakes dancing in the hills,

May today your heart be larking in the heavens while your feet are planted on the ground,


As a gentle breeze move magnificent sailing ships and raindrops demolish mountains,

May today a steady positive persistence be your strategy for the day,

May you exert the gentlest effort and enjoy the greatest rewards for being you,


Gray cloudy skies and dark moonless nights

do not prevent the sun from shining somewhere.

May today you keep shining, keep loving no matter what others choose to be,


May today you remind yourself often,

That you are a true spiritual being,

Having human experiences in the world.


Soft warm pajamas, fluffy pillows, good books and hot tea,

How much more comfortable can life be?

May today you enjoy the comforts you have created in your life

as you acknowledge and bless each one while you enjoy them to the hilt,


May today you embrace variety in every area of your day,

May you dabble in your choices, find new paths to follow and choose fresh attitudes,


May today you begin the celebration of the abundance of love in your life and your dreams come true,

May your heart be filled with gratitude and your actions be a reflection your happiness


May today you notice the "characters" in your life,

Notice the roles they play and how well they play those roles.

May you also recognize the characters you play in others lives,

and be willing to give Oscar-level performances to each one,


May the bright twinkling lights, cheery smiles and holiday music bring out the radiance in your life,

May you exude the warmth and joy of sharing love where ever you express your presence,


May today you be irrepressible in your enthusiasm and candor for life and your work.

May your charisma be contagious and spread rapidly to all those around you,


May today you acknowledge the affluence in your life,

May you enjoy the wealth of rich experiences, persons who want to interact with you,

and abundance of opportunities to experience love and joy,


Cold damp mornings with soft warm clothes and cars,

May you be warmly protected as you work in the damp corners of your life,

and may your passion for life bring warmth to others inhabiting those regions,


May quiet confidence be a prominent feature of this day,

May you find all you need in every moment, live at a pace that works for you

and may you find deep satisfaction in that all is well in your world,


May your day be filled with the others in your life,

May you enjoy the richness each one offers,

knowing they wouldn't be there if they didn't have a purpose and a gift.


May today you be blessed with fascination, and my it exudes from your pores,

May you find your life so interesting that you totally love each moment you create.


May today you feel a sense of peace with your world and with your dreams,

May you enjoy the comfort of feeling all is well and that everything is in it's place,


May today you be blessed with perspective and be able to see the big picture and the small,

May you be able to choose just the right viewpoint for each moment to express the most meaning found there.


May today you be blessed with clarity in a you think, feel and do,

May you know what's important in every moment and easily see the flakes of gold in the sand,


Brightly painted historic homes ginger breaded to the hilt,

inside there lurks ages of neglect and disrepair,

Today may you see through the facades in your life

to avoid catchy entrapments and waste of your time and energy


May today you discover true happiness existing in the middle of your life,

May you also recognize that there is fear, anger and discontentment present too.

May you choose the attitude that allows you to align and experience true happiness.


Bright green shoots and bud begin to emerge as the sun begins to warm,

May you green " green" energy grow and build today as you prepare for the next growth cycle,


May today you be blessed with confidence,

a sense of being centered in your beingness and knowing that all is well amongst your creations,

May you share your comfortable balance with others creating harmony to your world.


May today you celebrate your dedication to the "important" things in your life,

may you acknowledge your commitment, self-discipline and ability to keep focused

and give your self-permission change priorities or take a break whenever you like,


May today you celebrate the mirth in your day,

exploit moments of joy, happiness and pleasure

and expel the seriousness with hard long belly-laughs,


May today you feel well supported, in what you do and what you feel,

May you feel the energy of others close to you, like a warm blanket snuggled around you,


May today you be the graceful receiver, accepting gifts from all,

May you bless each giver no matter what their gift might be,

giving each the opportunity to experience the joy of giving,

whether it comes in a blessing or a curse,


May today you be blessed with good attention,

may you clearly perceive what is important in each moment,

and keep focused on your goals even though live dances around you,


May today alignment become a prominent feature of the day,

Align your actions with your dreams and they come true,

Align your dream with Soul and you have mastership,


May today be a day for humor, to take life more as a cosmic joke,

Be sure to tell the joke well, and not offend, and laugh heartily at the end,


May today you acknowledge the blessing of another day,

May you know that it was made possible by your past choices.

and the possibility for tomorrow hinges on today.

May you use this day wisely, graciously and playfully,


May today you see life as pure Spirit,

May you see how it is a reflection of Soul, manifest in a waking dream,

May you understand the fascination, desire and intention that allowed you to create this moment and bring so much joy into the world.



May today you be aware of how you choose to give love,

Notice that you can no more stop loving than stop breathing,

Watch what love you choose to and to ignore,

And in every moment know there is more.


May today you simply be in the moment and not be distracted by the future or the past,

May you enjoy what the moment offers and deal with each issue as much as possible before going on to the next.


May serenity mark your presence today,

May you find a deep clam inside you that will sooth and dissipate all chaos and disruption around you,

leaving you focused and untouched by life's storms.


As foggy mornings give way to sunny days

and slowly swelling buds burst forth in bloom,

May today you see the first signs of spring in your new cycles,

and enjoy the fresh pleasures it brings,


Soft spring rain nourishes budding flowers,

And leave the air fresh and clean,

May today you be nourished and refreshed by those around you,


One day closer to springtime and one day further from winter's chill,

May today you celebrate your progression through the season of your life.


With twinkling eyes and flashing smiles, early flowers blooming and giggles

May life bless you with it's native happiness in many forms,

May you always see the sunshine behind the clouds, the joy beyond any sorrow and rainbows dancing in rain showers.


May today you find healing energy all around you,

May you feel your energy renewed and your body increasingly more comfortable,

May you soak in the comfort of your own healing space and let illness evaporate away.


Workdays ebb and Weekends beckon,

Duties lose their grip to playtime passion,

May today you find it easy to step between your many roles,

the master actor, with the flying feet and twinkling toes.


Golden rays streak across the darkened sky

ending the night and coloring the new day.

May today you celebrate a new cycle,

and welcome it with crisp freshness and brilliant colors,


May today you find your routines a comforting and efficient,                           

May you notice how well they work for and how carefully crafted they are,

May your intention when you created them and acknowledge you can change them when you like,


May today you practice listening at a deeper level than before,

May you hear the murmurs of the trees, the giggles of spring flowers and the emotions of the clouds,

May you also hear the intentions of those around you, the passion of those close to you and may you hear the whispers of your heart,


Like browsing delicacies at Chef's Night Out, may you glean your day for delectable delights,

May you pick and choose carefully your indulgences, and discriminately select your fantasies,


Like strong hot tea on a drowsy morning, may the joys of your day bring sharp awareness,

May these images stay fresh in your mind, to savor in the winter of your life.


May today you touch the sky with both feet on the ground,

Your head in the clouds with your feet in the sand,

May you acknowledge your mortality and celebrate your infinity,



Tightrope stretches, can you walk it?

Students learn and teacher talk it.

May your day balance every impulse,

Step by step, bring long-term results.


May you choose to be just as you are,

May today you bless each moment for what it is,

Know that you've crafted all better than you ever have before,


May the child inside you be in a mischievous mood,

May you giggle to yourself in public, walk thru puddles and make funny faces for no good reason,

May you create your own sunshine, play hide and seek in the shadows and be positively wonderful in each moment.


May each moment you find the courage to embrace the future and bless the past,

May you live this moment like no other, unique and special, crafted by your dreams,


May you take need time to dream,

The time to remember,

And time to reach the infinite....

And the time to be.


May each flower you see, bring a smile, each smile brings you a blessing,

May you savor each one for a moment then pass them along to bless the universe,


Like eating a large ice cream cone on a hot day,

May you keep your pace in harmony with the conditions,

but not so fast as to diminish the delicious gift in the moment,


May the eternal bliss of the universe be a tangible reality in your world today,

May the excruciating beauty and wisdom will not diminish your experiences here,

but tend to enhance your perceptions in each moment in this fragile temporary world.


The universe has blessed you with the gift of one more day,

Will you shine, will you dance, will you sparkle, will you play?

Or will you spend the day sitting on the sidelines whining, avoiding all you can and just trying to live thru it?


May today you be blessed with guidance,

with every breath you take, with every heartbeat and every blink of your eyes,

May you know you are truly loved and cared for and that everything you need is in each moment,


Moment to moment, breath to breath eternity exists,

May today you step beyond the moment when you need to

and take and eternity to prepare for the next moment.


Today you have been blessed with a larger portion of grace than you've ever received before,

May you apply it generously, lavishly and exuberantly to all those around you and to every area of your life,

and not to worry if you get a little sloppy and get some on you while your spreading it around,


May today you take off your dark glasses and see things in true light,

Don't be afraid to squint and give yourself time as you adjust to the brighter, lighter world,

Carefully scope out those places where you saw shadows before to find opportunities lurking there,


May today you discover the universe is laughing at the latest cosmic joke.

Listen and perceive carefully to catch the warm, fine humor and join in the cosmic pun.


Another day, another blessing, how many could there be?

Born in the heart of the infinite, they always given free.

A blessing is a special gift, from me that’s just for you.

But once received, it must be freed, to bless someone else anew.


May today you embrace healing, not only now but in the future and the past,

May you find it to be the product of a greater balanced vision,

brought to bear upon the now.


Tulips bloom just for the moment, smiles briefly light our face,

May your brief bursts of beauty and goodness in your world,

leave long strong memories and anticipation in those around you,


Soft spring rains, freshen the air and bring the brilliant green of fresh growth,

May the showers in your life refresh you, and bring leaf green growth, flowers and rainbows.


May today bring an outbreak of contiguous giggles,

May they rapidly spread leaving those around you with grinning cheek-fatigue and twinkles in their eyes.


Agilely hop from stone to stone as you cross the river of life,

Notice how those larger challenges provide resting places, place to play, go wading, or dally for a bit, before dashing off to reach the distant shore. 


Bare feet attract fresh soft grass, soft squishy mud, puddles and small creeks,

May today you go barefoot through your day and take the time to wiggle your toes.


May today you have a keen sense of purpose in all that you do,

May your purpose align with your highest nature and touch your lowest desire.


May today you live the day a little more graceful than you ever lived before,

May you find the satisfaction of harmony and perfection in your creation of this day,


May today you accept a greater portion of God's love than you ever have before,

May you grasp that we live in a sea of it, and that love is all around us always.


Like a long reassuring hug, just when you really need it,

May today you be able to give others what they need the most at the moment.


Dew drops glistening in the morning sun, only sparkle with it's light,

May today you stay in the light and sparkle through the day,


Like the wind sculpting rocks and mountains,

The gentle rain turning rock to sand and carving canyons,

May today you practice the art of gentle persistence,

And with a small constant, positive effort move some mountains in your life.


Morning clouds give way to warm bright sunshine,

May today you create order out of chaos and not order more chaos,


Heaven and hell exist within every moment,

success can be measured not by what you can attain, but by what you can leave alone or let go of,

May today you find paradise in each moment, peace in the midst of chaos, and satisfaction in all you do.


Like soft giggles in the distance when kids are having fun,

May today you have a mischievous gleam in your eye, a smile on your lips and a giggle in your heart,


May today you discover that there is no glass in the windows of heaven.

May you waste no more time trying to open them to receive what you need,

but find and accept the blessing that are showered around you.


Stress is the result of opposing forces acting on something.

Equilibrium can be achieved by balancing the forces.

May today you understand the elements of your life that are dynamic and seeking balance,

those in equilibrium and those at rest.


Shadow flicker on the walls of our lives

only because we have separated ourselves from the light.

May today you be the light that has no shadow.


The wind rushing thru the pine trees makes a soft sighing sound.

It's not the wind that makes the sound, but the pine needles, being acted on by the wind.

May today you hear your "sighing sound" as spirit acts on you,


May today Soul celebrate being human,

May you laugh, may you cry, may you smile, may you sigh,

May you not take life so serious, chuckle at the character you play,

and live each moment with grace, kindness, gratitude and poise.


Morning sunshine brings fresh energy for a new day,

May today you to have fresh energy to accomplish all you need to do,


Cars speed down the highways, water rushed down rivers and the wind blows.

Life is about motion, but spirit is not.

May today you experience the part of you that is motionless,

May today you take time to celebrate your past for it has made you what you are today,

May you graciously accept yourself for what you are today and the challenge of becoming something greater tomorrow,


May today you richly weave deep patterns into the fabric of your day,

May you fill it with bright colors, interesting textures and unusual shapes to bring you comfort and charm,


Like air bubble slowly rising from a deep clear pool,

May today the stillness and peacefulness of the past few days,

bubble up in your busy life, bringing you refreshment and clarity,


Strawberries ripen on the vine to red sweet succulent treats,

May today some of the berries in your life ripen and bear sweet fruits,


May today be a day to share kind words with others,

Notice how they touch the soul, lift the spirit and open the heart,


Like the pleasure of a good foot rub, may today you indulge in life small pleasures,

May you enjoy a quiet moment, sip good tea, talk to someone you love

and savor each pleasure that come your way,


As rain showers end and the sun comes out poppies once again unfold,

May today you see the light at the end of the tunnel and begin to bloom again,

May you feel refreshed and fragrant as you bring beauty to your world,


May today you be blessed with privacy and serenity,

May you live in the eye of the hurricane, untouched and unfazed,

while the storms of life rage on around you,


Small birds fly from treetop nest,

Twittering parents don't know their fate,

May today you let go of the old year and all it's baggage

while embracing the potential good in tomorrow.


As sunshine nurtures young blossoms and bees trade pollen for nectar with the flowers,

May today be a day to celebrate kindness and with it, change your world,


The first rays of morning sun break the eastern mountains and streak across the darkened sky,

May today you be the brilliant morning light, to bring clarity in darkness, order to chaos and virtue to mediocrity,


May today you be blessed with patience to accept life just as it is,

May you know that the lessons in today are what you need for tomorrow,

and know that everything is working for your very best,


May today you understand the fatigue is life's way of teaching you to become more efficient and better at what you do and let go of the stuff you don't really need,

May today you find the easy way, the path of least resistance through your day, that allows you to accomplish more with less,


May the fruit of your labors ripen today,

May you dine on their succulent pleasures,

and delight in each delectable bite.


May today be the best day of your life so far,

You are older, wiser and more experienced than you've ever been,

and have one more opportunity to be happier, more graceful and at peace with your world,


May today you embrace all that is offered in this day,

know that it is what you will learn today, that will make tomorrow possible.


Brown tanned skin and highlights in your hair are proof of summers embrace,

May today you find the evidence of summer on the inside,

and celebrate the beauty it brings to your life


Watch the raindrops fall in a puddle,

Know that each one hit just the right place at the right time,

May today you realize that there are no incidental or accidental events,

Only the lack of understanding of the true intentions of the universe,


Softly in the early morning hours, the dream of waking begins to beckon,

Why leave the comforts of the pliable dream for the ridged solidity of the day?

May today you awaken to larger dream of endless possibilities,

Can you hear it calling you?


With shifting tides and perpetual currents, the restless sea finds balance within it’s motion,

May today you find balance with in your ever-shifting needs and duties,

peace within chaos and joy within all things,


Swollen buds with blossoms bursting,

Geese honking about going North.

May today you celebrate new opportunities developing in your life,

May you find delight in each one and fantasize the possibilities for greater joy,


A child’s eyes sparkle with a cookie or a hug,

Simple pleasures are enough to bring happiness,

May today you find what brings a twinkle to your eyes,

and not let the busyness of life bypass your happiness.


Do you smell the sweetness of the apples trees in bloom?

Their brief appearance brightens the bare branches

And entices the senses before spring emerges.

May you discover the signs of spring within you and celebrate what is to come.


A million wildflowers bloom, rainbows shimmer and stars dance across the sky,

A true gift is always given from the heart with no attachment to any outcome,

May today you give yourself an eternal gift, by consciously doing one thing each day for pure love.


Do you remember a time when life was joy,

Do you remember when you discovered life is service,

Today may you discover that service is joy too.


The start of any great adventure, any journey or learning experience is always now,

The moments tick by in a clock-like fashion, Now, now, now, now....

My today your heart answer each moment with, Be, be, be, be .....


There come those moments when we learn we are ignorant,

The more we learn, the more we learn we don’t really know,

May today may you forgive yourself of your ignorance,

And discover that learning is only becoming what you already are.


Salty breezes bring a freshness and clarity from the oceans vast expanse,

May you recognize your clarity and creativity aren’t from around here either.


The day came when it was too difficult to remain tight in a bud,

And it took less effort to blossom.

Today may life teach you well and may you blossom profusely.


Notice the luxury of sleeping in your own bed,

The warmth, the softness and the and the comfort you find there,

May today you create your day with those same feelings,

Notice how much more relaxed you feel at the end of the day.


Dive into the crystal-clear water of a hidden high mountain lake,

The blazing sun and deep blue water is too tempting to resist.

The sudden cold shocks your body and you quickly clamor out, leaving it tingling and refreshed,

May today you indulge in acts of clarity, that may seem shocking at the time.


In a few short years our children grow to adults with children of their own,

Notice that they are our messengers to the future,

Carrying the lessons and experiences we gave them in the past,

May you be conscious of the messages you are sending.


Fat blue huckleberries hang in profusion in the bushes along the trail,

Their tart, rich flavor leaves your taste buds wanting more.

May today you indulge in the simple pleasures of life,

And find a lot more of them than you thought.


Rampant river, carving canyons, changing courses,

Devastates everything in it’s way.

In the catastrophes and deluges of life,

May you find that you are building a fertile floodplain elsewhere.


Thunder claps and dark clouds thicken,

Soon torrents pour from the skies drenching all, and purifying the air

May today you notice that cleansing come from the storms of life,

And not from basking on the beach.


Golden skin soaking up the rays on a warm sunny day,

How marvelous it is for something so far away to have such a beautiful effect,

May today you recognize the life cycle and magnitude of your effects.


Mist rises with the sun on a high mountain lake,

The crystal clarity mirrors the image of everything around.

May you find clarity in the midst of your busy life,

And reflect the beauty and wisdom you have created there.


A coolness taints the early morning,

A hint that fall is near.

What inner changes are you perceiving,

As you move through the cycle of the seasons?


The blueness of the sky is reflected in a sparkling mountain lake,

The rich color is enhanced by it’s depth and it’s clarity,

May you enrich each moment with virtues the of Soul,

And reflect the fathomless beauty and wisdom found there.


The sound of laughing water strikes a familiar happy chord,

The splashing burbling sound resonates deep within.

May today you emanate deep happiness and satisfaction,

So that other can drink from the laughing waters of your presence.


Wild flowers dance with wild abandon to the slightest mountain breeze,

Their brilliant colors evoke beauty in the eye of the beholder,

May you celebrate each moment with same effortless enthusiasm,

And exude beauty, peace and harmony as you grace each day.


Have you celebrated goose bumps, tiny wrinkles or a hiccup?

What about a spec of dirt, the last fly of the summer or the first spring weed.

There are no limits to where one can find joy, experience beauty or profound wisdom,

What are you waiting for?


Miles from a road, a car or a person I trudged a pathway alone,

But alone was only a myth, a feeling that had nothing to do with the truth.

Wild flowers welcomed me, tall trees sighed as I passed, and birds and chipmunk scurried out to see me.

How strange they thought, to ignore us all, and pretend to be alone in such a crowd.

May today you know you are always in good company.


Cool clear sunrise, blends with warm sunshine before radiant sunset give way to night,

Try to remember what you created today so you may know what tomorrow will bring.


Today may you find many opportunities for rest within your day,

May you pause a moment, take a breath and let a heartbeat or two go by,

May you fine the quiet in your heart, the silence in the noise.


Soap bubbles dancing on the breeze,

The kaleidoscope colors dazzle only for the moment, how long will it last?

Today you could live only in the now, how long will that last?


Drop by drop the silent blessings fell to earth,

Some folks thought it was raining again and complained,

Others just kept trudging through the day with little recognition,

When the showers of blessing fall, may you realize their potential with gratitude.


The alarm rings way too early,


It can’t be time to get up yet?

May you notice your resistance to change in consciousness,

Why is it so hard to effortlessly shift from state to state?


It was Tuesday.

Monday was over, and it was not quite Wednesday yet, but all along it was still now,

May you choose carefully how you create and color your time,

May you craft each minute within eternity as it was your finest work.


It was dark when you left for work this morning,

And it will be dark when you come home tonight.

All day you scurry through windowless rooms marking time by a clock,

Remember you are the light in the darkness, a window for others working in the dark.


Wary BluJay hops from limb to limb before flying off to the next tree to repeat the process,

How many times do we hop without knowing if danger is really present,

just to repeat the process again.

May today you claim your fears and see if they have value.


Towering old growth, reaching ever upward for the light,

The assiduous effort makes giants from seedlings.

As your reach for the unquenchable light in each moment,

Know that you are becoming a giant too.


“When I grow up, I want to be just like you”,

Soul once said to God,

God chuckled and said, “You already are!”

Today, how are you just like God?


Deep runs the river through life, sometimes torpid sometimes torrential,

When the deluge comes, flooding changing channels devastating shores,

Know that downstream, the fertile plains of the future are building.


The delicate fragrance of wild flowers in bloom,

Intoxicates our senses and draws us to stay bit longer to drink in their nectar.

May today you recognize the intoxicating attractions in your life, and consciously choose to continue on your path.


Bright sunshine touches all,

Even millions of miles away,

Notice that those that bring sunshine to the lives of others,

Cannot keep it from themselves.


A fat shiny bug labors up your pant leg,

What must it’s journey be like and where is it going?

Lightning quick reflexes swat the bug without a thought,

Ending the journey and the life,

May today you discover all paths lead to heaven.


It was an extra day, added to your life, as a special gift to you.

It was added quietly without notice, just for you pure pleasure and enjoyment,

And the possibilities were enormous of what you could do.

Could today be that extra day? How are you going to use it?


Crystal clear water of a high mountain lake,

The allure enhanced by warm sunshine and steep grades.

Take the plunge and realize the shocking icy crispness is the recent memories of melting snow,

Ahhhhgg... May the reality of the moment be balanced with the enthusiasm of your past.


Fog swirls in murky gloom obscuring the trail ahead,

Wet mist parts only long enough to glimpse a silhouette of the sun,

Remember when you walk through the clouds of life,

Keep your head in the sunshine and your feet on the path.


Tantalizing flavors wafting in the air,

Taste buds watering as eyes scan the vicinity,

There’s a good restaurant somewhere near!

What is that essence that lures the heart to the heavens?